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January 7

Ongoing! Waste FabLab Nekoo

Nekoo: keep it clean (in Mina, local Togolese language). Nekoo FabLab project aims to create a dynamic and innovative infrastructure, set up a Fab Lab, a prototyping and manufacturing factory skills, collection, treatment and transformation of waste into materials ecological (and sustainable) construction in the urban context.

January 4

AGRIBUSINESSDATA.COM: Tech For Sustainable Agriculture

Data processing, Technologogy, Innovation and Business in Agricuture are our services. ABD is a digital platform for the collection, processing, analysis of data and technological support for famers. The aim is to make the data available and highlight achievements in the field of agribusiness in West Africa in particular and in Africa in general.

January 2

Digital Academy: New and innovative skills.

We train you for today and the future in digital skills. Get new and great skills to give another chance to your projects and carrier.

January 1st

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020

Step by step, we are bulding the greatest and sustainable organization of Tech4Good in Africa. Let's do it together! With our best wishes and thoughts...

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